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"Director Todd Drezner blogs about autism at the Huffington Post."

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"A groundbreaking documentary..."
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Joy's Autism Blog
"...a well-rounded autism documentary that touches on many subjects…"
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Time To Listen
"...Drezner put human faces to all the views on autism..."
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The Aspies Adventure
" matter what side of the Autism coin you sit on you can really learn & enjoy this movie!"
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Of the many autism-themed documentaries to come down the pike over the past few years, LOVING LAMPPOSTS is among the best."
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The Simple Life
"This is a compelling film. I would recommend that anyone who wants to understand more of the history and controversy swirling around this increasingly common disorder should watch this movie, and soon."
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Mommy Life
"I recommend it to anyone with a child with autism - not for the answers it provides, but for the questions it raises."
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"It is a valuable resource for understanding both autism and the autistic."
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The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism
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Film Wins Best Documentary at POEFF

"Loving Lampposts" received the Best Feature Documentary award at the 2011 Peace On Earth Film Festival. Director Todd Drezner accepted the award from festival directors Nick Angotti, Milissa Pacelli and Clayton Monical.

Chicago Sun Times Reviews "Loving Lampposts"

In its February 25th issue, the Chicago Sun Times called "Loving Lampposts" a "revealing documentary with a personal touch." The three star review appeared in the paper in advance of the film's screening at the Peace on Earth Film Festival.

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