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About the film

What would you call a four year old who caresses all the lampposts in the park? Quirky? Unusual? Or sick? Such labels are at the center of the debate about autism: is it a disease or a different way of being—or both? In 

Loving Lampposts, we witness this debate and meet the parents, doctors, therapists, and autistic people who are redefining autism at a moment when it's better known than ever before. Motivated by his son's diagnosis,

filmmaker Todd Drezner explores the changing world of autism and learns the truth of the saying, "if you've met one autistic person, you've met one autistic person.”


“Of the many autism-themed documentaries to come down the pike over the past few years, Loving Lampposts 

is among the best.”


"You need to see this film. And if you want to help others better understand autism, you need to recommend Loving Lampposts to them.” 

The Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism


"In its own understated and thoughtful way, Loving Lampposts is a groundbreaking, even revolutionary film.”

Steve Silberman, Author, Neurotribes

“Anyone who wants to understand more of the history and controversy swirling around this increasingly common disorder should watch this movie, and soon.”

The Simple Life


United Nations World Autism Awareness Day, 2011

Peace on Earth Film Festival, Best Documentary, 2011

VisionFest, Social Consciousness Award, 2010

Autism Film Festival Helsinki

DocMiami Film Festival

Duke City DocFest

Focus Film Festival

Newburyport Documentary Film Festival

Show Me Social Justice Film Festival

Trail Dance Film Festival

Wisconsin Film Festival



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